About Us

CHANGE Networks is a multinational IT company with expertise in networking and software development. The company is an authorized Global Distributor of COMMANDO networking equipment and a leading independent reseller of new, pre-owned and refurbished networking equipment. It develops software for its inhouse and joint venture requirements.

CHANGE Networks has established strategic partnership with COMMANDO Networks Inc., USA – that offers networking equipment with expertise on Switches, Routers, Wireless, Media Converters, SFP Modules and more. The company is powerhouse of sourcing COMMANDO networking equipment at cost that’s unmatched worldwide.

The company offers new, pre-owned and refurbished networking equipment – with expertise in Cisco. The products are dependable and affordable, genuine, high quality and mostly mint condition – assured by one year replacement warranty. The lead time is shorter, support is prompt, and the response time is faster. The company makes sharper portfolio choices with focus on offerings with market differentiation and where it has strong and clear advantage. The company products and services offer higher ROI and lower TCO. It offers the highest level of value, technical expertise, service, and product availability without breaking the budget.

The company offers flexibility in doing business with its presence in strategic geographies such as Dubai, India, China, Hong Kong, and USA. It adds value and market differentiation in your business offerings. The company has been deep in the networking business since 2010.

COMMANDO and Cisco are its core strength. If you’re into networking, you must explore doing business with CHANGE.

CHANGE Networks is neither a partner of nor an affiliate of Cisco Systems.
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