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12000/6-DC Cisco 12000 6-slot Chassis; 2Alarm, 1Blower, 2DC 0 2011-01-06
12000/6-DC-PEM= Cisco 12000 6-slot Enhanced DC PEM 4750 2013-11-04
12000/6-DC-UP= Enhanced DC Power Supply Upgrade for Cisco 12000 6-slot 12500 2013-11-04
12000/6-DC-PDU= Cisco 12000 6-slot Enhanced DC PDU 3500 2013-11-04
CON-NCDCS-120006 CBSV 8X5XNBDOS NCDCS Cisco 12000 6-slot Router 11180.3
CON-NCDCS-XR1200/6 CBSV 8X5XNBDOS NCDCS Cisco XR 12000 6-slo 11180
CON-NCDCS-12406102 CBSV 8X5XNBDOS NCDCS Cisco 12000 6-slot 120Gbps fabric 5433 2013-11-04

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