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WS-C4507-FIPS-KIT= FIPS opacity shield for Cisco WS-C4507R+E Chassis $375
WS-C4510-FIPS-KIT= FIPS opacity shield for Cisco WS-C4510R+E Chassis $425
WS-C6K-VTT= Catalyst 6000 VTT Module, Spare $395
WS-C6509-E-IBMKIT= Catalyst 6509-E Rack Mounting Kit for IBM 1410/9308 Rack $1200
WS-CAC-4000W-INT= 4000W AC PowerSupply, International (cable included) $5000
WS-C4503-FIPS-KIT= FIPS opacity shield for Cisco WS-C4503-E Chassis $200
WS-C4506-FIPS-KIT= FIPS opacity shield for Cisco WS-C4506-E Chassis $300
GLC-T= 1000BASE-T SFP $395
ASA5506-RACK-MNT= ASA 5506-X Rackmount Kit Spare $350
AIR-ANTMNTGKIT= Antenna Mount Clip Adapter for ANT2430,2451,5140,5145,5959 $39
ASA5516-BRACKET= ASA 5516-X Bracket Spare $150
AIR-AP-FIPSKIT= FIPS Kit for APs Spare $85
ASA5516-FIPS-KIT= ASA 5516-X FIPS KIt $500
AIR-CT2504-RMNT= 2504 Wireless Controller Rack Mount Bracket $95
ASA5505-WALL-MNT= ASA 5505 Wall Mount Kit $100
ASA5585-FIPS-KIT= ASA 5585 FIPS Opacity KIt $1000
AIR-PWR-CORD-IT= AIR Line Cord Italy Spare $20
ASA5585-RACK-KIT= ASA 5585-X Front Rack and Rear Rack Kit $450
ASA5506H-RACK-MNT= ASA 5506H-X Rackmount Kit Spare $350
ASA5506H-DIN-MNT= ASA 5506H-X DIN Rail Mount Spare $200
ASA5508-FIPS-KIT= ASA 5508-X FIPS KIt $250
LIC-MRP-CLIENT= Cisco MRP Client Functionality for IE Switching $0
AIR-AP1810W-KIT= AP1810W Series Spacer Kit $39
ASA5580-FIPS-KIT= FIPS Kit for ASA5580 $5500
ASA5505-FIPS-KIT= ASA 5505 FIPS Kit $200
ASR1004-FIPS-KIT= ASR1004 FIPS Opacity Kit $1150
AIRWLC4400FIPSKIT= FIPS Kit WLC 4400 Spare $300
ASA5505-RACK-MNT= ASA 5505 Rack Mount Kit $350
ASR-9910-4P-KIT= ASR-9910 4 Post Mounting Kit $400
AIR-PWR-ADTR-IT= Power Adapter for Office Extend AP600 - Italy $19
AIR-AP1242MNTGKIT= AP1242 Access Point Ceiling/Wall Mount Bracket Kit- spare $29
AIR-AP1100MNTGKIT= 1100 Series Ceiling/Wall/Cube Mount Bracket Kit- spare $26
AIR-AP1140MNTGKIT= 1140, 1260 or 3500 Series Ceiling, Wall Mount Bracket Kit $49
AIR-AP1200MNTGKIT= 1200 Series (Non-AP1242)Ceiling/Wall Mount Bracket Kit-spare $29
AIR-1550S-FIB-KIT= 1550S Fiber Cable Take-up Reel Kit $159
AIR-CT5760-RK-MNT= SPARE - 5760 Wireless Controller Rack Mount kit $95
ASR-9910-2P-KIT= ASR-9910 2 Post Mounting Kit $400
AIR-AP1250MNTGKIT= 1250 Series Ceiling, Wall Mount Bracket kit- Spare $31
ASR-9001-2P-KIT= ASR 9001 2 Post Mounting Kit $200
AIR-AP1140RETROMT= 1040/1140/1260/3500/3600 Mount Kit Fits AP to 1130 Brackets $49
AIR-AP1130MNTGKIT= AP1130 Access Point Ceiling/Wall Mount Bracket Kit-spare $27
ASR1002-FIPS-KIT= ASR1002 FIPS Opacity Kit $1150
L-FLS-A901-4T= Cisco ASR 901 4 Port Copper GE Upgrade - Electronic Spare $1000
UCSB-LSTOR-PT= Cisco FlexStorage Passthrough module w/drive bays $373
ASR55-ACCY-KIT= ASR 5500 Chassis Accessory Kit $2000
ASR-9010-2P-KIT= ASR-9010 2 Post Mounting Kit $400
WS-X6848-SFP-2T= Catalyst 6500 48-port GigE: 80G Sys ( Req. SFPs) Spare $28750
ASR-9910-ACC-KIT= ASR 9910 Accessory Kit $150
HWIC-1T= 1-Port Serial WAN Interface Card $460
ASR-9010-4P-KIT= ASR-9010 4 Post Mounting Kit $400
ASR5K-00-CS01GRET= GRE Interface Tunneling Software License, 1K Sessions $3575
ASR1006-FIPS-KIT= ASR1006 FIPS Opacity Kit $1150
N2K-C2332TQ-10GT= Nexus 2332TQspare; 32x1/10GT; 4x40G QSFP(no PS/fan) $11500
ASR1001-FIPS-KIT= ASR1001/ASR1001-X FIPS Opacity Kit $1000
ASR-9001-2P-L-KIT= ASR 9001 2 Post Mounting Kit for 23 Rack $200
L-FL-CGR2K-PT= CGR 2000 Software License for SCADA protocol translation $1000
WS-X6848-TX-2T= C6k 48-port 10/100/1000 GE Mod: fabric enabled RJ-45 DFC4 S $17250
ASR-9922-ACC-KIT= ASR 9922 Accessory Kit with grounding locks, guide rails etc $201
ASR5K-00-CS01FWNT= FW NAT Bundle 1K Sessions $2750
CISCO-FIPS-KIT= Tamper Proof for 80/18/28/38/72/73 Routers and ASA $200
WS-X6908-10G-2T= C6K 8 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet module with DFC4 (Trustsec) S $40000
HWIC-2T= 2-Port Serial WAN Interface Card $805
WS-X6816-10G-2T= 16 Port 10G with DFC4 $36800
WS-X4148-FX-MT= Catalyst 4500 FE Switching Module, 48-100FX MMF(MTRJ)(Spare) $18394
WS-X6816-10T-2T= Catalyst 6500 16-port 10GbE 10GBASE-T module w/DFC4 S $22500
WS-X6824-SFP-2T= Catalyst 6500 24-port GigE Mod: fabric-enabled with DFC4 S $17250
NIM-2T= 2-Port Serial WAN Interface card $800
N7K-C7010-AFLT= Nexus 7010 Air Filter $750
WS-X6K-5DB-ATT= 5dB 1550nm Fixed Loss Attenuator (spare) $150
L-FL-SRE-V-HOST= UCS E-Series VMware ESXi 5 Hypervisor License $495
UCS-IOM2208-16FET= UCS 2208XP I/O Module with 16 FET Optics $15600
WS-X4507E-ACC-KIT= Catalyst C4507-E spare accessory kit $79
UCS-IOM2204-8FET= UCS 2204XP I/O Module with 8 FET Optics $7800
WS-X4503E-ACC-KIT= Catalyst C4503-E spare accessory kit $79
NCS-LIFT= NCS 6008 & NCS Fabric Chassis Lift Dolly Spare $30000
NM-4B-S/T= 4-Port ISDN-BRI Network Module $1100
HWIC-BLANK-KIT= Blank faceplate for HWIC slot with divider for Cisco ISR $115
WS-X6904-40G-2T= Catalyst 6900 Series 4-port 40G/16-port 10G Fiber Mod DFC4 $36000
WS-X4506-GB-T= Catalyst 4500 6-Port 10/100/1000 PoE or SFP (Optional) $3495
N3K-C3172TQ-32T= Nexus 3172-T, 32 x 10GBase-T and 6 QSFP+ ports $14300
UCS-BD-HDP-R-CNT= Additional HDP Support Contact Renewal $0
NBM2400-INT= Cisco Network Building Mediator 2400-Intermediate Protocols $995
UCS-BD-HDP-CNT= Additional HDP Support Contact $0
NCS-1RU-NEBS-KIT= NCS 5500 NEBS Kit for 1RU Chassis $250
WS-X4510E-ACC-KIT= Catalyst C4510-E spare accessory kit $79
NIM-1T= 1-Port Serial WAN Interface card $460
NCS-FAB-OPT= Bundle of 96 CXP-100G-SR12 $671520