Cisco SL-CPA Series GPL Price List - Cisco Price List 2018


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UCS-SL-CPA3-C UCS CPA v3 Capacity Optimized $410954
UCS-SL-CPA3-P UCS CPA v3 Performance Optimized $803530
UCS-SL-CPA4-S UCS BD STARTR 2x6248,8xC220M4S w/2xE52620v4,128G,8x1.2TB HDD $174171
UCS-SL-CPA2-P UCS BD PERF 2x6248,2x2232,8xC240w/2xE5-2680v2,256G $384598
UCS-SL-CPA3-S UCS BD STARTER 2x6248,8xC220M4Sw/2xE52620v3,256GB mem,MRAID. $254210
UCS-SL-CPA2-CF UCS BD CF 2x6296,2x2232,16xC240w/2xE5-2660v2,128Gv2,NYTRO $546738
UCS-SL-CPA4-H UCS BD HIPERF 2x6332,8xC220M4S w/2xE52680v4,256G,8x960GB SSD $321530
UCS-SL-CPA4-P2 UCS BD PERF 2x6296,16xC240M4S w/2xE52680v4,256G,24x1.8TB HDD $798010
UCS-SL-CPA3-H UCS BD HIGH PERF 2x6248,8xC220M4Sw/2xE52680v3,256GBmem,MRAID $406050
UCS-SL-CPA4-P3 UCS BD PERF 2x6332,16xC240M4S w/2xE52680v4,256G,24x1.8TB HDD $801358
UCS-SL-CPA2-PC UCS BD PERFCB 2x6296,2x2232,16xC240w/2xE5-2660v2,256G $641554
UCS-SL-CPA2-C UCS BD CAP 2x6296,2x2232,16xC240w/2xE5-2640v2,128G $507730
UCS-SL-CPA4-P1 UCS BD PERF 2x6296,16xC240M4S w/2xE52680v4,256G,24x1.2TB HDD $685107
UCS-SL-CPA4-C1 UCS BD CAPCTY 2x6296,16xC240M4L w/2xE52620v4,128G,12x6TB HDD $401458
UCS-SL-CPA4-C2 UCS BD CAPCTY 2x6296,16xC240M4L w/2xE52680v4,256G,12x8TB HDD $515395
UCS-SL-CPA3-D UCS CPA v3 Extreme Capacity $231790
TR-SL-CPA4-S UCS-SL-CPA4-S Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA2-P SP7 Big Data Performance Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA3-P Big Data v3 Performance Optimized Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA4-P1 UCS-SL-CPA4-P1 Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA4-C1 UCS-SL-CPA4-C1 Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA4-P2 UCS-SL-CPA4-P2 Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA4-P3 UCS-SL-CPA4-P3 Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA2-PC SP7 Big Data Performance Capacity Optimized Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA2-C SP7 Big Data Capacity $0
TR-SL-CPA2-CF SP7 Big Data Capacity Optimized with Flash Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA4-H UCS-SL-CPA4-H Tracer $0
TR-SL-CPA4-C2 UCS-SL-CPA4-C2 Tracer $0