Cisco CUCM-1 Series GPL Price List - Cisco Price List 2018


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LIC-CUCM-11X-ENH-A UC Manager-11.x Enhanced Single User License $210
LIC-CUCM-11X-BAS-A UC Manager-11.x Basic Single User License $125
LIC-CUCM-10X-ENH-A UC Manager-10.x Enhanced Single User License $210
LIC-CUCM-11X-ENH UC Manager Enhanced 11.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-BAS-A UC Manager-10.x Basic Single User License $125
LIC-CUCM-11X-BAS UC Manager Basic 11.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-11X-ENHP UC Manager Enhanced Plus 11.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-ESS-A UC Manager-10.x Essential User License User $40
LIC-CUCM-11X-ESS UC Manager Essential 11.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-11X-ESS-A UC Manager-11.x Essential User License $40
LIC-CUCM-10X-ENH UC Manager Enhanced 10.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-ESS UC Manager Essential 10.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-TPR UC Manager TP Room 10.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-ENH-C UC Manager-10.x Enhanced Single User-Over 10K $190
LIC-CUCM-10X-ESS-B UC Manager-10.x Essential User License-1K to 10K $25
LIC-CUCM-10X-BAS UC Manager Basic 10.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-11X-TPR UC Manager TP Room 11.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-ENHP UC Manager Enhanced Plus 10.x License $0
LIC-CUCM-10X-BAS-C UC Manager-10.x Basic Single User-Over 10K $105
LIC-CUCM-10X-ESS-C UC Manager-10.x Essential User License -Over 10K $20
LIC-CUCM-10X-ENH-B UC Manager-10.x Enhanced Single User-1K to 10K $195
LIC-CUCM-10X-BAS-B UC Manager-10.x Basic Single User-1K to 10K $110
LIC-CUCM-12X-ENH UC Manager-12.x Enhanced Single User License $210
LIC-CUCM-12X-BAS UC Manager-12.x Basic Single User License $125
LIC-CUCM-12X-ENHP UC Manager-12.x Enh Plus Single User License $295
LIC-CUCM-12X-ESS UC Manager-12.x Essential User License $40