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ME-C6524GT-8S Cisco ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/1000 + 8GE SFP, Fan tray $17000
PWR-400W-AC-RF 400WAC PS for Cat 6524GT-8S and 6524-GS-8S REMANUFACTURED $900
PWR-400W-AC= 400WAC P/S for Catalyst 6524GT-8S and 6524-GS-8S Switches $1500
ME-C6524GT-8S-RF ME6524 Switch-24 10/100/1000+8GE SFP,fan tray REMANUFACTURED $10200
CON-NCDT-C6524GT8 CMBSVC 8X5XNBD NCDT CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3597
CON-NCH2-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCH2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $9826
CON-PREM-C6524GT8 SNTC-24X7X2OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $6423
CON-PSUE-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $1882
CON-SNTE-C6524GT8 SNTC-8X5X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3725
CON-NCDCS-C6524GT8 CBSV 8X5XNBDOS NCDCS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4497
SP-RR-C6524GT8 SP RTF CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2248
SP-SW-C6524GT8 SP BASE CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2087
CON-OS-C6524GT8 SNTC-8X5XNBDOSCiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3212
CON-SW-C6524GT8 SNTC-NO RMA CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2087
SP-AR1-C6524GT8 SP AR HW 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2569
SP-AR2-C6524GT8 SP AR HW 8X5X4CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3725
SP-AR3-C6524GT8 SP AR HW 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
SP-AR4-C6524GT8 SP AR HW 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5458
SP-OS1-C6524GT8 SP ONSITE 8X5XNBDCiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3212
SP-OS2-C6524GT8 SP ONSITE 8X5X4CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4656
SP-OS3-C6524GT8 SP ONSITE 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5138
SP-OS4-C6524GT8 SP ONSITE 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $6423
CON-DCP-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
CON-DSC-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5458
CON-DSE-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 8X5X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3725
CON-DSN-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2569
CON-DSO-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 24X7X4OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5138
CON-OSE-C6524GT8 SNTC-8X5X4OSCiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4656
CON-OSP-C6524GT8 SNTC-24X7X4OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5138
CON-S2P-C6524GT8 SNTC-24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5458
CON-SCN-C6524GT8 SC CORE 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2569
CON-SCO-C6524GT8 SC CORE 24X7X4OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5138
CON-SCP-C6524GT8 SC CORE 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
CON-SNT-C6524GT8 $2569
CON-SU1-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,AR NBD ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan tray R $2569
CON-SU2-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,AR 8X5X4 ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan Try $3725
CON-SU3-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,AR 24X7X4 ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan Try $4110
CON-SU4-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,AR 24X7X2 ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan Try $5458
SP-SFA1-C6524GT8 IPS-SP SVC, AR NBD ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,fan $2569
SP-SFA2-C6524GT8 IPS-SP SVC, AR 8X5X4 ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,f $3725
SP-SFA3-C6524GT8 IPS-SP SVC,AR 24X7X4 ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,f $4110
SP-SFA4-C6524GT8 IPS-SP SVC,AR 24X7X2 ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,f $5458
SP-SFC1-C6524GT8 IPS-SP ONSITE NBD ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,fan $3212
SP-SFC2-C6524GT8 IPS-SP ONSITE 8X5X4 ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,fa $4656
SP-SFC3-C6524GT8 IPS-SP ONSITE 24X7X4 ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,f $5138
SP-SFC4-C6524GT8 IPS-SP ONSITE 24X7X2 ME6524 Switch - 24 10/100/10008GE SFP,f $6423
CON-NCS-C6524GT8 SNTC 8X5XNBD OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2234
CON-3OSP-C6524GT8 3YR SNTC 24X7X4OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/10008GESFPFN $15413
CON-3SNT-C6524GT8 3YR SNTC 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $7706
CON-DSCC-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5458
CON-DSCO-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 24X7X2OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $6423
CON-DSNO-C6524GT8 DSS CORE 8X5XNBDOS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3212
CON-NCD2-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $7642
CON-NCDE-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 8X5X4 NCDE CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5214
CON-NCDW-C6524GT8 CMB SPT SVC SW NCDW CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2922
CON-NCF2-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $8733
CON-NCFE-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 8X5X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5960
CON-NCFP-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $6576
CON-NCFT-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
CON-NCFW-C6524GT8 CMB SVC SW CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3340
CON-NCHE-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 8X5X4 NCHE CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $6705
CON-NCHP-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 24X7X4 NCHP CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $7398
CON-NCHT-C6524GT8 CMBSVC 8X5XNBD NCHT CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4624
CON-NCHW-C6524GT8 CMB SPT SVC SW NCHW CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3758
CON-NCJ2-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCJ2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $10917
CON-NCJE-C6524GT8 CMB SVC 8X5X4 NCJE CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $7450
CON-NCJT-C6524GT8 CMBSVC 8X5XNBD NCJT CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5138
CON-NCJW-C6524GT8 CMB SPT SVC SW NCJW CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4175
CON-NSNT-C6524GT8 SNTC 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2569
CON-NSTP-C6524GT8 SNTC 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
CON-PSO2-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP OS 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/10008GESFPFN $3245
CON-PSOE-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP OS 8X5X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/10008GESFPFN $2352
CON-PSOP-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP OS 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2596
CON-PSRT-C6524GT8 PRTNR SS 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $1298
CON-PSUP-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2076
CON-PU2P-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2758
CON-SCIN-C6524GT8 SC IPS 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2569
CON-SCIO-C6524GT8 SC IPS 24X7X4 OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $5138
CON-SCIP-C6524GT8 SC IPS 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
CON-SNTP-C6524GT8 SNTC-24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4110
CON-SUO1-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,ONSITE NBD ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan Tr $3212
CON-SUO2-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,ONSITE 8X5X4 ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan $4656
CON-SUO3-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,ONSITE24X7X4 ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan $5138
CON-SUO4-C6524GT8 IPS SVC,ONSITE24X7X2 ME6524 Swt 24 10/100/1000 8GE SFP,fan $6423
CON-NC4P-C6524GT8 SNTC 24X7X4OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3574
CON-PSUT-C6524GT8 PRTNR SUP 8X5XNBD CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $2305
CON-NC2P-C6524GT8 SNTC 24X7X2OS CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $4468
CON-NS2P-C6524GT8 SNTC 24X7X2 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $3797
CON-3SNTP-C6524GT8 3YR SNTC 24X7X4 CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $12329
CON-NCD2P-C6524GT8 CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P CiscoME6524Sw24-10/100/1000+8GESFPFN $8992