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WS-C6513-RF Catalyst 6500 13slot chassis20RUno PS REMANUFACTURED $9150
WS-C6513-E-FAN Catalyst 6513-E Fan Tray $0
WS-C6513-E Enh C6513 Chassis, 13slot, 19RU, No Pow Supply, No Fan Tray $16000
WS-C6513-E-FAN= Catalyst 6513-E Fan Tray $1400
WS-C6513-FWM-K9-RF Cat6513 Firewall Security System REFURBISHED $25860
WS-C6513-E-FAN-RF Catalyst 6513-E Fan Tray REMANUFACTURED $840
WS-C6513-XL-FWM-K9 C6513 FW Sys,C6513, FWSM, SUP720-3BXL, FAN $90990
WS-C6513 Catalyst 6500 13-slot chassis,20RU,no PS,no Fan Tray $15250
WS-C6513-S32-10GE Cat6513 chassis, WS-SUP32-10GE-3B, Fan Tray (req. P/S) $35995
WS-C6513-E= Enh C6513 Chassis, 13slot, 19RU, No Pow Supply, No Fan Tray $16000
WS-C6513-E-RF Enh C6513 Chassis,13slot,19RU,No PS,NoFanTray REMANUFACTURED $9600
WS-C6513-FWM-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6513 Firewall Security System $74995
WS-C6513-S32P10GE Cat6513 chassis, WS-S32-10GE-PISA, Fan Tray (req.P/S) $43995
WS-C6513-S32P-GE Cat6513 chassis, WS-S32-GE-PISA, Fan Tray (req.P/S) $43995
WS-C6513-CSM CSM, 6513, Sup720 Bundle $68990
WS-C6513-RACK= Catalyst 6513 Rack Mount Kit and Cable Organizer, Spare $224
WS-C6K-13SLT-FAN2 High Speed Fan Tray for Catalyst 6513 / Cisco 7613 $745
WS-C6513S3210GE-RF Cat6513 Chassis,Fan Tray,Sup32-10GE (req. P/S) REFURBISHED $12412
WS-C6513XLFWMK9-RF C6513 FW Sys,C6513, FWSM, SUP720-3BXL, FAN REFURBISHED $31376
WS-C6513-S32-GE Cisco Catalyst 6513, WS-SUP32-GE-3B, Fan Tray (req. P/S) $26000
WS-C6513-VPN+-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6513 IPSec VPN SPA Security System $74995
WS-C6K-13SLT-FAN2= High Speed Fan Tray, Spare, for Catalyst 6513 / Cisco 7613 $857
WS-C6K13SLTFAN2-RF Cat6513/CISCO7613 High Speed Fan Tray REMANUFACTURED $447
WS-C6513-S32-GE-RF Cat6513 Chassis, Fan Tray, Sup32-GE (req. P/S) REFURBISHED $11207
CON-PREM-C6513E SNTC-24X7X2OS Enh C6513 Chassis, 1 $33207
SP-AR4-V6513S72 SP AR HW 24X7X2 VS-C6513-S720-10G $40573
CON-PSRT-WS36513C PRTNR SS 8X5XNBD Cisco Catalyst 3650 $515
CON-PSUE-6513CSMS PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 CSM-S, 6513, Sup720 $40669
CON-PSUE-6513XFW2 PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $13771
CON-PSUE-C6513VPN PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 Cisco 6513 IPSec VPN $13321
CON-PSUP-6513XFK9 PRTNR SUP 24X7X4 WS-C6513-XL-FWM-K9 $11442
CON-PSUP-6513XFW2 PRTNR SUP 24X7X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $14954
CON-NC4P-C6513E SNTC 24X7X4OS Enh C6513 Chassis1 $26566
CON-PSUE-C6513E PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 Enh C6513 Chassis, 1 $9731
CON-PSUE-4KWACUS PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 ^Catalyst 6513 Chassis w/ 4000W AC PS FO $8511
CON-PSUP-4KWACUS PRTNR SUP 24X7X4 ^Catalyst 6513 Chassis w/ 4000W AC PS FO $9517
CON-NCD2-6513XFW2 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $52907
CON-NCF2P-4KWACUS CMB SPT SVC 24X7X2OS ^Catalyst 6513 Chassis w/ 4000W AC PS F $40686
CON-PSRT-V6513S72 PRTNR SS 8X5XNBD VS-C6513-S720-10G $9647
CON-PSRT-WS-C6513 PRTNR SS 8X5XNBD Catalyst 6513 Chassis $9647
CON-PSUE-651310GP PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 WS-C6513-S32P10GE $13664
CON-PSUE-6513XFK9 PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 WS-C6513-XL-FWM-K9 $10484
CON-PSUE-V6513S72 PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 VS-C6513-S720-10G $13987
CON-PSUE-WS-C6513 PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 Catalyst 6513 Chassis $12234
CON-PSUP-65131GEP PRTNR SUP 24X7X4 WS-C6513-S32P-GE $15078
CON-NCFCS-V6513S72 CMB SVC 8X5XNBDOS VS-C6513-S720-10G $38187
CON-NCH4S-6513XFW2 CMB SV 8X5X4OS NCH4S WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $59247
SP-RR-6513XFW2 SP RTF WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $18284
SP-SW-6513XFW2 SP BASE WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $17309
CON-OS-6513XFW2 SNTC-8X5XNBDOS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $24136
CON-SCN-4KWACUS SC CORE 8X5XNBD Catalyst 6513 Chassis w/ 4000W AC PS FO $15275
CON-SW-6513XFW2 SNTC-NO RMA WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $17309
SP-AR1-6513XFW2 SP AR HW 8X5XNBD WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $20234
SP-AR2-6513XFW2 SP AR HW 8X5X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $27256
SP-AR3-6513XFW2 SP AR HW 24X7X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $29599
SP-AR3-V6513S72 SP AR HW 24X7X4 VS-C6513-S720-10G $30550
SP-AR3-WS-C6513 24x7x4 AR Svc, Catalyst 6513 Chassis $27078
SP-AR4-6513XFW2 SP AR HW 24X7X2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $37790
SP-OS1-6513XFW2 SP ONSITE 8X5XNBD WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $24136
SP-OS2-6513XFW2 SP ONSITE 8X5X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $32914
SP-OS3-6513XFW2 SP ONSITE 24X7X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $35840
SP-OS4-6513XFW2 SP ONSITE 24X7X2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $43643
CON-DCP-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 24X7X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $29599
CON-DSC-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 24X7X2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $37790
CON-DSE-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 8X5X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $27256
CON-DSN-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 8X5XNBD WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $20234
CON-DSO-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 24X7X4OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $35840
CON-DSO-V6513S72 DSS CORE 24X7X4OS VS-C6513-S720-10G $38187
CON-OSE-6513XFW2 SNTC-8X5X4OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $32914
CON-OSP-6513XFW2 SNTC-24X7X4OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $35840
CON-PREM-C6513GE SNTC-24X7X2OS Cat6513, WS-SUP32 $18009
CON-PSUE-C6513GE PRTNR SUP 8X5X4 Cat6513, WS-SUP32 $5277
CON-S2P-6513XFW2 SNTC-24X7X2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $37790
CON-SCIN-C6513GE SC IPS 8X5XNBD Cat6513, WS-SUP32 $7204
CON-SCN-6513XFW2 SC CORE 8X5XNBD WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $20234
CON-SCO-6513XFW2 SC CORE 24X7X4OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $35840
CON-SCP-6513XFW2 SC CORE 24X7X4 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $29599
CON-SNT-6513XFW2 SNTC-8X5XNBD WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $20234
CON-SNTE-C6513GE SNTC-8X5X4 Cat6513, WS-SUP32 $10445
SP-SFC1-651310GE IPS-SP ONSITE NBD Cat6513 Chas,Fan Tray,Sup32-10GE req. P/S $9005
CON-NCS-6513XFW2 SNTC 8X5XNBD OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $16790
CON-3OSP-6513XFW2 3YR SNTC 24X7X4OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $107519
CON-3SNT-6513XFW2 3YR SNTC 8X5XNBD WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $60703
CON-DSCC-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 24X7X2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $37790
CON-DSCO-6513XFW2 DSS CORE 24X7X2OS WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $43643
CON-NCDE-6513XFW2 CMB SVC 8X5X4 NCDE WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $38158
CON-NCF2-6513XFW2 CMB SVC 24X7X2 WS-6513XL-2FWM-K9 $60465