Cisco 1T= Series GPL Price List - Cisco Price List 2018


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HWIC-1T= 1-Port Serial WAN Interface Card $460
NIM-1T= 1-Port Serial WAN Interface card $460
ENCS-SATA-1T= 1 TB, SATA hard disk drive for Cisco ENCS 5400 $978
NC55P-CRAGR-5501T= NCS 5500 Core and Aggregation Lic for NCS-5501 $36000
E100D-HDD-SATA1T= 1 TB, SATA hard disk drive for DoubleWide UCS-E, Spare $1000
NC55P-ADVL3-5501T= NCS 5500 L3VPN Lic for NCS-5501 $55000
NC55P-ADVDC-5501T= NCS 5500 Advance Data Center Lic for NCS-5501 $22000
CDE-HDD-SATA-1T= 1TB, 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s 7.2K RPM 64M 512N $259
S184CAISK9-15101T= Cisco 1841C ADVANCED IP SERVICES $1400
S184CSPSK9-15101T= Cisco 1841C SP SERVICES $600
CDE2-HDD-SATA-1T= 1TB SATA Drive for Gen 2 Content Delivery Engine $950
E100S-HDD-SATA1T= 1 TB, SATA hard disk drive for SingleWide UCS-E, Spare $887
NC55P-PEER-5501T= NCS 5500 Peering Lic for NCS-5501 $36000
S280CSPSK9-15101T= Cisco 2801C SP SERVICES $700
S28NCSPSK9-15101T= Cisco 2800C SP SERVICES $700
NC55P-ADVL2-5501T= NCS 5500 L2VPN Lic for NCS-5501 $55000
S28NCAISK9-15101T= Cisco 2800C ADVANCED IP SERVICES $1700
CDE4-HDD-SAS-1T= 1TB, 2.5" SAS 12Gb/s 7.2K RPM 128M $465
S280CAISK9-15101T= Cisco 2801C ADVANCED IP SERVICES $1700
CDE3-HDD-SAS-1T= 1TB SAS HDD, 7.2Krpm,2.5in, for Gen3 Merced CDE $950