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ASR1001= Cisco ASR1001 System,Crypto, 4 built-in GE, Dual P/S,spare $21000
ASR-9001= ASR 9001 Chassis $53600
UCSX-TPM2-001= Trusted Platform Module 1.2 for UCS (SPI-based) $75
UCSC-F-H19001= UCS Rack PCIe/NVMe Storage 1900GB HGST SN150 Read Intensive $10390
UCSX-MLOM-001= Modular LOM For UCS $440
UCSC-F-H38001= UCS Rack PCIe/NVMe Storage 3800GB HGST SN150 Read Intensive $18990
UCSX-TPM1-001= TPM Module For UCS $75
UCS-PCI25-38001= UCS PCIe/NVMe2.5"SFF Storage 3800GB HGST SN100 ReadIntensive $18990
C260-FAN-001= Fan Module for C260, C240, and C420 servers $199
N20-X00001= 2.93GHz Xeon X5570 95W CPU/8MB cache/DDR3 1333MHz $3936
N10-L001= UCS 6100 Series ONLY - Fabric Interconnect 10GE port license $2774
RC460-PL001= LSI CONTROLLER 9260-8i (SPARE) $1113
RACK-BAR-001= Rear cable access bar $122
RACK2-DOOR-001= Cisco R42612 front door $2099
RACK2-GRND-001= Cisco R42612 grounding kit $139
RACK2-SIDE-001= Cisco R42612 side panel, set of 1 (top, bottom) $1135
RACK-DOOR-001= Front door $1165
RACK-BLANK-001= Filler panels (qty 12), 1U, plastic, toolless $233
RACK2-JOIN-001= Cisco R42612 joining kit $201
RACK-CBLMGT-001= Cable mgt D rings (qty 10), metal $90
BMC-001= BMC BladeLogic CM, Virtualized 2-Socket Server $9500
NCS-5001= Cisco NCS 5001 Series Router $40000
RACK-HW-001= Hardware kit $175
RACK-FOOT-001= Front caster, fixed $79
RACK-JOIN-001= Rack joining kit $184
RACK-LOCK-001= Door latch $26
RACK-SIDE-001= Side panel, set of 1 (top, bottom) $635
CIVS-IPCA-1001= Dome, Clear, 2400 Series $50
RACK-BADGE-001= Badge w/Cisco logo $46
R200-SASCBL-001= Internal SAS Cable for a base UCS C200 M1 Server $103
RACK-FASTEN-001= Mounting screws (qty 100), M6 $37
RACK-STABLE-001= Rack stabilizer kit $512
R200-SATACBL-001= Internal SATA Cable for a base UCS C200 Server $75